About Us

Welcome to FeelGooder, a site that aims to publish daily tips to equip and inspire you in life—wherever it may take you.

My name is Darren Rowse and I’ve been blogging for eight years now. I’ve loved helping people learn about photography and blogging (among other topics) but have always wanted to have a blog that covered a wider range of topics, and is relevant to individuals pursuing a full life.

FeelGooder is an attempt at just that. This blog is dedicated to creating daily content on topics like health, relationships, social good, work and finance—to help those who read (and write) it be informed and inspired in those areas.

The site will present contributions from a variety of authors. You’re invited to be a part of it either as a reader, commenter, or even an author.

FeelGooder is still in its early days and it will no doubt evolve in the coming months, but I’d love to connect with you either via our newsletter (subscribe at the top of the sidebar), Twitter or Facebook accounts, or via RSS. Connect with us today and watch FeelGooder grow.