FeelGooder Asks: What Are You Finishing?

The news today that the US has declared an end to the war in Iraq is undoubtedly a relief for millions around the world. It’s quite the festive gift.

Regardless of your position on this war, or war in general, this news raises questions about endings. Sometimes endings are sad, and sometimes they’re not. So I’m curious:

What are you finishing?

Have you noticed how people rush to finish things by the end of the year? I’ll bet you have plenty you’re finishing up at work, or school, or even in social or interest groups. How does that feel?

This year I’ve finished a major chapter in my life by changing the nature of some important relationships with people I love. This has been a great challenge, and a long one, and has required some significant changes.

The one thing it’s really brought home to me, though, is that the saying “when one door closes, another opens” is true. I really hate that saying, because I’m not great at letting go of things that matter to me. But this year I learned that to open new doors, you don’t necessarily need to let things go: you can transform them (not always easy, I know) and in so doing create an opportunity for a new door to open.

So I’m finishing a chapter of confusion and frustration. I’m already getting the impression that the door that’s opening involves more warmth, sponteneity, and fun. Is this a good ending? Why yes, yes it is.

What are you finishing? Let me know in the comments.

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Georgina is a professional writer and editor, and Content Manager for FeelGooder.


  1. Marcus Baker says:

    Hi Gerogina,

    How interesting that this is the topic of your post. Only minutes ago I was speaking to someone about “endings” in my life.

    This past year has been significant in that many things in my life that used to be important have become unimportant.

    As the year is drawing to a close I’ve become even more aware of the immense release and relief as a result of this shift.

    I am however also experiencing a certain amount of discomfort since so many goals that used to focus my attention are no longer relevant. Now what?

    The great thing about this is that I can create a whole new set of goals for 2012. :)


    • georgina says:

      Nice one, Marcus. Or you could always take Leo from Zen Habits’ advice and live a goalless life…?


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  2. Noch Noch says:

    finishing off my corporate life!!!! feels LIBERATING!!!
    Noch :)

  3. Peter says:

    I’m aiming to finish a coaching qualification – just the final polish of the paperwork (or should that be ework these days?).
    I’m interested in what you mean Noch Noch about the end of your corporate life? Does that mean and end of all contact with corporates or just employment?

  4. georgina says:

    Woah, these are pretty big endings guys :) And they’re all good ones too! Looks like 2012 is going to be pretty interesting for all of you…

    Thanks for your comments!

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