Get Rid of Your Eyelid Twitch

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Have you ever tried to have an adult conversation with someone but couldn’t concentrate because your eyelid was twitching?

It might be a neurological malfunction. It might, as the superstition says, mean that money will cross your hands soon.

More likely, it’s because your jaw is tight. Do you clench your teeth or grind them at night? If your neck and shoulders get tight when you’re stressed, your jaw is probably also involved. You might also feel a weird itch inside your ear or have a runny nose with no cause.

You can make it stop

I did it ... with an eye twitch

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If muscles are to blame, self massage will take care of it. If it doesn’t, check with your doctor to rule out anything more serious.

A trigger point is like a hot little spitfire of a muscle which wreaks random havoc. It often refers pain and seemingly unrelated symptoms to other parts of the body. That’s why trigger points in your mouth can cause your eyelid twitch.

When working on your own trigger points, press as hard as you can stand but not harder. More is not more. You’ll know you’re on a trigger point because it will hurt but in a good way. It will feel satisfying, like you’re scratching an itch.

Get relief in five minutes

  1. You’ll be sticking your fingers in your mouth so go wash your hands.
  2. Go on, wash them. This will just take a few minutes.
  3. Stick your pointer finger inside your cheek and find the hard muscle near the back. This is the masseter muscle. It goes up and down and is the first hard muscle you’ll feel in the cheek.
  4. Move your finger to the top of the muscle, next to the upper gums and press firmly. You’re looking for the spots that zing. Press each spot for about 30 seconds using all of the pressure you can stand, which may be very little for the first few days. That’s just fine. Pressing hard will not make it better faster. It will likely make it worse. Inch your way around the entire muscle, stopping on any tender spots.
  5. The next area you’ll work is the gum line above your upper back teeth. Poke around the gumline and massage the zingy areas.

You don’t have to marry this

Four days is plenty for this technique. Do this for five minutes, three times a day for four days or until you stop finding zingers.

Just working those two spots on both sides should bring pretty quick relief of symptoms. You’ll be surprised at how sensitive you are the first couple of times. The sensitivity will get better fast. You’ll get relief from the twitch, jaw pain and itchy ear pretty quickly.

Do you ever suffer eyelid twitch? Have you tried anything to make it stop?

Sarah is a mind-body coach who helps stressed out moms rock it without guilt. If you’ve ever felt bad for saying no, Sarah’s your girl. Working with her is better than Valium. Grab her RSS feed here and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Sarah,
    I have had the experience of eye twitching before but didn’t know the cause of it. I wear a niteguard when I sleep because I grind my teeth when I sleep.

    I will try your massage technique. Thanks…

    • Alicia says:

      This problem had been going on for almost 2 years and it was getting worst. I discovered that it could be caused by a nutritional imbalance and starting using Magnesium Potassium Asporotates with Bromelain. It was sold by Solaray a vegetable capsules. The first week I took two capsules per day in the morning before eating and was I surprise that about after 4 days the twitching stop.

    • miriam says:

      have tried everything for my eye spasm over the last 10 months. will definately try these potassium tablets. where can i get them please? thank you.

  2. Sarah Yost says:

    Hi Justin,

    If you grind, I would bet a million dollars that your twitch is form your jaw muscles. Let me know how it goes for you. :)

  3. Georgina says:

    Very occasionally, this happens to me. And when it does, all I get is teasing from my partner! I’ll try this next time, too :)

  4. Sarah Yost says:

    Georgina! Give your partner one less thing to tease you about, girl.

  5. pete says:

    My eyelid has been twitching for several months. Probably over 6 months. I do have tmj problems, although it hasn’t caused any pain lately and occasionally my shoulders and neck are sore and give headaches. I don’t believe I grind at night. Could my eye lid twitch be from this tmj? Its on the opposite side of my jaw problem

    • Kates says:

      hey we both have the same problem.. it’s on the opposite of my jaw problem. i haven’t seen a doctor yet but i thibk i have tmj too.. at first i thought this twitching was because of many hrs in fornt of my laptop or phone. i was surprised it was linked to a jaw problem

  6. Nate says:

    Eye has been twitching for the last 4-5 days… Upon reading this I relaxed my jaw and its already better :) I didn’t realize my jaw was tense, haha.

    If it continues, I’ll try the rest of this.


  7. GENA says:


  8. Sylvie says:

    My upper eyelid’s been twitching for 2 weeks now and I don’t know what to do. It’s driving me mad.
    I sleep 8-9 hours per night, exercise regularly, have a sensible diet. No stress going on in my life, I relax and meditate. My jaw is not tense in the least bit.
    I’ve tried all sorts of things and nothing has worked so far. I’ve been trying to massage but that doesn’t seem to work either.
    Any other suggestions?
    Help!!!!!! Before I lose my mind!

  9. nick says:

    this worked right away. I think after four days I will be good. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. Amery says:

    My eye has been twitching for 3 months! As soon as I touched my inner cheek it stopped. However, as soon as I stopped massaging, it comes back… Will repeated massaging help, or am I a lost cause?

  11. Felicia says:

    my lower eye lid twitches all the time, but I have noticed it happens whenever my cousin/roomate is around,there fore i believe it is due to stress, she causes alot of stress, everytime I am around her I want to run, if I try the massging will my eyetwitching continue since my stress source is still living with me????

  12. Mark says:

    I can hardly believe how well and how quickly this works. My left upper eyelid has been bothering me for weeks, and was just in deep spasm when I browsed on to this page, but now I feel fine. I’ve kn0wn for a while that I tend to carry stress in the jaw, but I never would have guessed it was causing other symptoms like that, massaging out the ‘zingers’ really did the trick. Thanks, Sarah, you are practically a miracle-worker!

  13. :) says:

    Damn , it worked Haha , now i can go to school !

  14. H says:

    Worked Instantly! Wow! Thank You So Much!

  15. tyler says:

    incredible! worked like a charm!

  16. Brad says:

    My right eyelid has been occasionally twitching for the past month. If I tried hard enough, I could stop the twitch, but without my intervention it will automatically twitch, almost like breathing if you will.

    Not only that, but sometimes when I am walking my right eye will begin to tear up, even to the point that it looks like I was just crying. I was not walking in the wind or anything like that either.

    The last symptom I have had is a runny nose. I’ll scratch my nose and feel a wet droplet that is so heavy compared to anything I’ve felt before that it makes me assume I have a nosebleed every time.

    I believe the culprit is my newly prescribed adhd medication. I take 50mg of vyvanse in the morning, along with 20mg adderall ir in the afternoon. Just in case any visitors are on stimulant medication, you aren’t alone.

    I started this exercise and it seems that it immediately made the twitch less severe. It still happens but it seems frequency has been greatly reduced. It may be placebo affect, but I suppose I will find out for sure in a few days. Thanks for this article, and I’ll be sure tell friends/family

    • Sarah says:

      Vyvanse is a common culprit because it makes you clench your jaw.

      • Sandra says:

        My 5 year old has a left twitchy eye. Sometimes I see her trying to hold her eye open as it is obviously bothering her. I am interested in this discussion on many levels – said 5 year old also has left sided clonic-tonic seizures for the past year, so I just kept thinking that maybe the twitch is connect to this somehow. But I know that she does grind her teeth at night, especially if slightly disturbed – she keeps sleeping, but starts grinding. Our naturopath suggested magnesium, vit d and fish oil for her seizures – for the first 5 months after starting this regimen she was totally eye-twitch free, I noticed right away, but now they have returned, even though we are still taking the same supplements. I see the comment about someone on meds for adhd – our 5 year old is on .0375 daily of synthroid as she is hypo-thyroid. I realize this posted discussion is a few years old, but I would love to hear any other thoughts you might have.

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  20. BaBaBOOeY says:

    Yup it worked. Thanks. Bababooey

  21. josh says:

    Good stuff! Ty ty!

  22. Gene says:

    Thanks Sarah! This worked right away for my upper eyelid twitch. Wonderful. I will continue the next few days! Thanks again!

  23. Sandy says:

    After one week of almost constant twitching I woke up today and it was gone! I massaged the points twice last night. Thank you so much!

  24. J.smith says:

    That was some of the best medical advice! i have had that damn twitch for a few months now, i am at work and could only rub a few minutes , but its been twenty since and no more freakin twitch, damn that was annoying. Again thank you.

  25. j cross says:

    My top eye lid has been twitching for 6 weeks now, I allways grind my teeth ive just massaged my inner gums and iys stopped, Must be working thanks

    • Lilou says:

      don’t worry too much about eye twitching. I’ve sfurefed from eye twitches in my left eye for like 5 years. It’s just a symptom of pretty benign stuff like stress, lack of sleep, etc, etc. However, if you notice any other weird symptoms with your body you should head to a doctor immediately. Rarely eye twitching can be a sign of serious neurological problems. I’m sure it’s nothing though.

      • Jayson says:

        Hi Lilou,
        I’m suffering from eyelid twitching for about a year. Both my upper & lower eyelid are twitching. I would like to know what did you do to get rid of the twitches? Thanks! Hope somebody can help me with my problem.

        • Robin says:

          Get relief in five minutes
          1.You’ll be sticking your fingers in your mouth so go wash your hands.
          2.Go on, wash them. This will just take a few minutes.
          3.Stick your pointer finger inside your cheek and find the hard muscle near the back. This is the masseter muscle. It goes up and down and is the first hard muscle you’ll feel in the cheek.
          4.Move your finger to the top of the muscle, next to the upper gums and press firmly. You’re looking for the spots that zing. Press each spot for about 30 seconds using all of the pressure you can stand, which may be very little for the first few days. That’s just fine. Pressing hard will not make it better faster. It will likely make it worse. Inch your way around the entire muscle, stopping on any tender spots.
          5.The next area you’ll work is the gum line above your upper back teeth. Poke around the gumline and massage the zingy areas.

          • Julie says:

            Sarah and Robin,

            I’m hoping you can provide with more details on step 4 : move your finger to…. and press firmly. not sure if I press to the gums or to the cheek?

          • Julie says:

            Sarah and Robin,

            I’m hoping you can provide with more details on step 4 : move your finger to…. and press firmly. Not sure where to press? the gum or the cheek? using pointer finger and the thumb? Can you help?

            Please and Thank you!

  26. star says:

    Thank you Sooooooooooo much… left eye was twitching for 6 weeks, got worse and worse this week…….didn’t want to go to doctor….I do grind my teeth at night says my boyfriend….came across your article and did what you said…was surprised it worked straight away….had zingy spots only on the side of my eye with the twitch….yesterday I only had 2 twitches after your treatment when I had heaps the day before, today i haven’t had any!!! Feels like a miracle….still cant really believe I fixed it myself, just with your help and my finger!!! Amazing….Thank you so so so much….

  27. Jessie says:

    Didn’t help. I think I’m gonna go crazy! I feel like crying. I’ve got enough of this twitching now, and nothing seems to be helping!

    • Jason says:

      Don’t get too upset about it Jessie.
      I have suffered from my lower left eye twitching for over 5 years. It twitches for a week and then stops for almost a week, then starts again.

      You learn to deal with it. And I kind of squint just a tad when talking to people, so it doesn’t appear to much. Otherwise, I am sure they think I am freaking out on them or something.. haha.

      I had found out about the nerve a while back, by lightly pushing on the outside of my face, just under my cheekbone. (on opposite side of my tmj) This would stop it immediately, but it would start again once I removed my finger.

      I will definately try this massaging method, and hope that I can get some relief.
      I don’t get upset about it like I use to, but I would love to get this out of my life..

      Good Luck Everyone

      • Elijah says:

        what region of the world you live. Vets using these ttntrmeeas have saved dogs in Florida, Texas, Southern California, Alberta Canada, the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, the Dominican

  28. workaway11 says:

    I’m a bit shocked, I didn’t expect that to help so quickly. My lower left eyelid has been twitching for about 3 weeks, despite regular sleep and a healthy diet and exercise. I’ve been browsing the internet and came across this, and it actually relieved the twitch right away. It came back a few minutes after I stopped massaging, but she said it takes a few days, so I’m going to keep trying.
    Thanks! :)

  29. Works says:

    My right eyelid has been twitching for weeks. I work on computers all day so thought that was it and took breaks away from my desk for hopes that it would solve the issue but it didn’t.

    Tried this while my eyelid was twitching like crazy and the moment I started doing this. It stopped.

  30. Lisa H. says:

    My left eyelid has been twitching for at least 4 months. I thought that I had dry-eye, allergies or maybe needed a new glasses prescription. I also have been experiencing a lot of stresses in my career and home life (my husband is finishing his doctoral thesis) –

    I’m so glad I found this trigger-point technique – tried it last night and although I did not quite feel the “zingers” I worked with the sorest points and got instant relief – I can hardly believe it!!

    Thank you so much! I will not forget this – so simple!

  31. Trace says:

    Thank you so much!! My lower left eyelid has been twitching consistently for about six months
    now. I was beginning to think this was something I was going to have to live with for the rest of
    my life :’( I know I grind my teeth at night, now I’m wondering why I do that?! The twitch
    developed due to stress back in November, since then I have got glasses because I wear contacts. I love coffee & tea also so I’ve been wondering if that has something to do with it.
    It is now May and I just read this passage and did the massage and it hasn’t twitched once since!!

  32. Brendan says:

    Hit there did you ever hear back from Justin?, I grind and have invisi lign… I had a mucous cyst in my mouth, in the back by this muscle you describe, I had it surgically removed and ever since I have an eyelid twitch on that same side!! I am going to try this technique and hope to stop the twitch!!

  33. Sue C says:

    Have had really annoying twitching upper eyelid for 2 weeks – put it down to being tired and bit stressed at work. Tried your technique and it worked straight away – fantastic! Thank you

  34. NikNik says:

    Tried this and it worked immediately!! Thanks sooooo much!

  35. Dalia alejandra says:

    i dont get it and it started only today helppp i have a concert today

  36. Kitty says:

    Okay, this is bizarre. I’ve had this damn eyelid thing for WEEKS. WEEKS, I tell you. I tried your exercise last night.

    The twitch is GONE.

    Thank you. It was starting to drive me insane and make me think I had a brain tumor or something.

  37. Regan says:

    OMG! I can’t believe it! It worked instantly! I love love love homeopathic remedies! WebMD said Lorazepam or Clonopin right off the bat – CRAZY!!! Our society seriously needs to get off the synthetic drugs :) Thank you thank you thank you!!

  38. emily says:

    thank you so much :) i could actually feel the difference between the jaw muscle on the twitching eye side and the jaw muscle on the other side…amazing!

  39. Ashanti says:

    My eye has been twitching for the past 7-8 months probably due to stress,i got botox injected 2 weeks ago cause I didn’t know what else to do.I’m going to try this method because even the botox didn’t completely get rid of the twitch.SOOO annoying!!

  40. Pharma guy says:

    I have worked with Botox and feel it is dangerous below the eyes. And should only be used on the face above eyes. In the neck you die if your muscles paralyze and you can’t breathe or swallow. I suppose armpits for sweating are different but deadly from heat exhaustion if you stop those glands from sweating. How else will your body cool itself naturally like cutting a dogs tongue out as that is how they cool their bodies. I would be hesitant to not have control over my eyelid and have it droop versus the twitch. Believe me it’s not fun to have you eye twitching in interviewing employees as I’m thinking they probably think I’m winking at them. Going to cut stress and caffeine down as much as possible ask know the twitching is cyclical. Good luck my fellow twitchers.

  41. Michelle says:

    Ok, this is just amazing. My upper left eye has been twitching like crazy for over a week. It starts out not too bad in the morning and then as the day goes on, it gets worse until at night it’s almost impossible to deal with. I have TMJ, but have never had eye twitching that lasted more than a few minutes. I have been under added stress lately, so that might be a cause. Anyway, I tried this because it seemed to simple and figured I had nothing to lose, other than getting my finger wet. It pretty much worked instantly. It’s almost 2:00 am, and the twitching was at it’s worst, so I was pleasantly surprised for it to stop twitching so suddenly. I definitely plan to use this again and again (in addition to some meditation and destressing) until the twitching goes away.

  42. Tee says:

    It never even occurred to me that my twitch would be connected to my jaw muscles!

    I accidentally locked my jaw in my sleep the other week (I really have to stop falling asleep with my face on my arm!) and it must be since then that my eyelid has been twitching but I just gave your technique a go and it seems to have stopped – thank you!

  43. Carolyn says:

    I woke up this morning and my upper right lid has been twitching all day. It is so annoying. I came across this article and realized it has to do with my jaw being so tense. I had a tooth removed on Tuesday and the pain from an infection left untreated too long by the dentist, the pressure that was put on my jaw and the constant pain I’ve been in has most likely led to this. I consciously relaxed my jaw and it has helped. I will try the massage next. Thanks for the information. I feel better already.

  44. Andrew says:

    I started getting a twitching in my upper left eyelid about 2 weeks ago, it is spasmodic, lasts a few seconds and happens about 5-6 times a day.

    About 4 days ago I started getting a runny nose and yesterday was really dry in the mouth.

    I have just come across this technique and see if it helps. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is stress related.

  45. Ziggie says:

    Oh my!!! I have had six months of non-stop twitching on my lower left lid, and it was driving me nuts. I just tried this massage and it subsided for an hour before any sign of another twitch. I will keep it up for the next few days. Cannot thank you enough! I tied cutting out coffee, getting extra sleep… anything to make it stop. I was starting to fear neurological issues. I do grind my teeth at night, but this is the only website that made any reference to that problem or suggested this simple solution. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  46. Shannon says:

    Thank u! I have tmj, and a mouth guard to control my clinching at night. Never once thought my stressed out jaw could be causing this ANNOYING twitch. My son laughed as I tried the exercise but who cares when it worked. :-)

  47. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks very much for this post. Having read this some weeks back I can confirm that it worked just fine for me. When I first tried applying pressure it actually induced my twitch, but after a few points were pressed, it went away!

    Thanks so much, I was starting to get a little embarresed by it. You have helped a lot :)


    • Jayson says:

      Hi Mr Electician,
      Can you help me how did you do it? Im suffering from eyelid twitching for several years on my left eye.

  48. Murf the turf says:

    Holy mackerel amazing instant success from twitching bottom eyelid lasting months. (I blame iPad and iPhone ogling). Many thanks

  49. Roy says:

    Okay, what is a “zinger?”

    I’ve had a twitching left upper eyelid for the past 7 months. I’ve gone to an ophthalmologist, he ran all the tests and found nothing. Went to the doctor, he tells me its likely Bells Palsy. Its annoying.

    • Jason says:

      Zinger would be referencing a sharp pain.
      The doctor can only guess, as he does not know for sure.

      I recommend you try this method that she has stated, and look for any changes or improvements after a week or so.

      Press firmly into the pain. As she states, its a strong pain, but a pain that you can stand..
      Good Luck… And stay upbeat!

    • Stef says:

      If it’s not stress, it may be allergens. If you’re not particularly allergic to pollen or other Spring allergens, or it’s simply not the season for them, check your house carefully for mold (as you could be allergic to mold spores) or other indoor pollutants.

  50. Simon says:

    I’ve had a lower eyelid twich non-stop now for about 3 + months and nothing whatsoever has been able to stop it – its literally been driving me mad!
    I tried this and almost immediately I haven’t had any twitches since! I still cant believe it has stopped, thankyou so much!!

  51. shiv says:

    i have twiching problem since 2005 that is for the last seven years . it has made life miserable, not been able to talk to others face to face , difficulty in reading properly , trying to steady muscle, been impossible . today i come across this website , and i tried this method , and immidiately it stopped the twiching. i have had botox injections , it did not help.i hope if i keep up with this treatment , my condition will get better. thank you

  52. Alicia says:

    I had suffered not only from eye twitching but facial twitching especially around my mouth. This problem had been going on for almost 2 years and it was getting worst. I discovered that it could be caused by a nutritional imbalance and starting using Magnesium Potassium Asporotates with Bromelain. It was sold by Solaray a vegetable capsules. The first week I took two capsules per day in the morning before eating and was I surprise that about after 4 days the twitching stop. My eyelids were no longer moving and my face felt relax not with that awful feeling of movement that was getting worst by the day.
    My face and eyes no longer twitch. My problem existed because I had a nutritional imbalance and was correct once the imbalance was met.

    • Jayson says:

      Hi Alicia,
      I have same problem with you, hope you can help me with that medicine you mentioned. I’m from Philippines and if it really worked out I hope that it was available on my country as well. Been suffering with this twitches for a year (maybe 3 years). Somebody any suggestion before I go to BOTOX. I’m taking medicine “Carbamazapine”, but non-sense at all, it has no effect on my eyelid twitching. It;s kinda really annoying, especially when your talking to work-mates & friends.

  53. Alex says:

    I’ve had an upper right eyelid twicth driving me INSANE for almost two weeks, nothing has worked to get rid of it… until this. Pressing away those painful spots inside my mouth on that side for a minute and it’s totally stopped.

    Bless you Google for helping me find Sarah Yost’s miracle cure :D

  54. Danny says:

    This really is amazing. I’ve had a twitch in my lower left eye-lid for nearly 2 weeks, and it was driving me crazy. I started doing the massage an hour ago, and it has helped so much. I will continue for the next few days. Thank you, Sarah, Feelgood, google, and computer! Haha!

  55. martin says:

    I just googled “how to stop and eye twitch”…. Tried this technique and as I type it has completely stopped! Awesome!

  56. Wilson says:

    Lower right eyelid twitching for 4 weeks now.

    Found this webpage yesterday and started relaxing my jaw and applying the technique at work (not at my desk hah).

    Noticed that left jaw muscle did not have a “zing” but the right side did…

    It is now the next morning and I just applied it again. Twitching still happening but DEFINITELY much much less. Will continue and report back after 4 days.

    Fingers crossed!

    • Wilson says:

      Well, it didn’t work. The zing was gone but I was still experiencing the twitches. But I started taking a multi-B-vitamin supplement (Jamieson Stressease) and after 4-5 days, the twitching has subsided. Today (1 week elapsed), I have only felt a very minor twitch! I feel great! So if this fails, give it a try!

  57. Doug says:

    Wow! Thank you this worked instantly. I’ve been having a minor twitch in my left upper eyelid for about three days now and it was driving me nuts. It didn’t take, but a second to find the spot that zinged, lol. Once I worked it, my eye quit twitching. Thanks again!

  58. neenu says:

    hi there,i had these twitches in my upper lid of the left eye for like a month now.Didnt even know that i clench my jaw this much.i had even assumed i had MS or any other freaky nervous disorder.just a 2 min massage and i feel relaxed and a bit sleepy too!!:P
    i had been working too much on desktop lately and may be that stress caused the problem.i have this itchy ear as well but that i guess may be due to those headphones and the lectures which i hear from them:P

  59. Matt says:

    Wow, amazing. I get an twitchy eyelid sometimes from eye strain (too much starting into a screen/lack of sleep), usually goes away in a day or two, but very annoying in the meantime! This completely stopped it this afternoon, brilliant…thanks!!

  60. Shan says:

    I’ve had an annoying eye twitch for 3 days now… I started doing the jaw massages right now, I will see how it eases the twitching in a few days. Wish me luck. P.S. I also have TMJ problems, work a lot in front of the computer, and I suffer from eye strain AND DRY EYE. I’ve also been stressed and tired… I do get a lot of sleep though. I drink at least 1 cup of coffee a day… so I guess that puts me as a perfect candidate for an eye twitch. HOPING THIS DOES THE TRICK. I’LL BE SURE TO UPDATE IN 3-4 DAYS OR SO! I do feel the tenderness in my back jaw muscles (boy, it hurts bad!)… Hope this is a miracle cure! P.S. If this doesn’t work, I plan to try the Magnesium supplements.

  61. Jayson says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I have been suffering from this eyelid twitching for years (maybe 3 years). Both up & down on my left eye, and my left part of lips are twitching now. Its to annoying, especially when I’m at work, can’t even talk to the person I want to talk, because twitching goes out when I’m talking, can’t even look at them eye-to-eye, it’s really hard and Im sure they already noticed it. I already go to a doctor to check and he gave me some medication but still twitching is still there, last option is the injection what you called “BOTOX”? I’m not sure. But its way too expensive (sadly can’t afford) here in the Philippines, and I also heared some of the comments here that it has no effect, or maybe less effective and will wear off after 3-5 months then you have to take the injection again. Already take Vitamin B-Complex, but still no work. Hope to received advice from you Ms. Sarah. But I will try this massage technique from you. You may catch me on my e-mail: [email protected]
    Guys reading comments from here, hope to received advise & tips from you as well. Thank you!!

  62. Jayson says:

    Further to your technique, how will you do it if the twitching is my left eyelid? Where do I have to apply the massage? Left cheek or right? Im wondering, I haven’t feel any pain or zing on my jaws or gumline. I can’t find the hard muscle near the back. This is the masseter muscle? Poke around the gumline and massage the zingy areas? How is that?

  63. Kat says:

    Hi, I have been having prolonged dental work with injections into my jaw called a block. I have developed this eyelid twitch, or nerve spasms accompanied by a heaviness. Could the dental injections be the culprit?

  64. Tyler says:

    My eye had been twitching for like at least a week. I read this article and thought what would loosen my jaw, so i put a piece of gum in and my eye stopped twitching. My jaw being tight was definitely the reason my eye twitched
    Thanks Y’all

  65. Catherine says:

    All I can say is WOW! My right eye has been twitching since Thursday. 15 minutes ago I found this site! I am now twitch free…BUT!….I didn’t have to go inside my mouth, I just found the sore spot under my right ear lobe right where it connects to the skin behind my jaw. I had other symptoms as well…the itch inside my ear and the TMJD. For that I put the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth, grin real big and open & shut my teeth/jaw real tight. The more I do that the less pain in chewing I have. But THIS twitch removal is a true miracle! My eye is fine! If the twitch comes back…all I have to do is put my index finger into the area under my earlobe & press. It hurts a bit, but it stops the twitch! I’m a massage therapist and will use this on my clients. You can access that group of muscles from the outside. Thanks to Sarah!

  66. Ros says:

    Thanks Sarah

    It works !!! My left upper eyelid started twitching last week – after finding your remedy from Googleing- it hardly happens now [4 days later].

    Thank you soooo much [from Sydney / Australia]. :-]

  67. Jan says:

    I followed your instructions for just 30 seconds and my upper eyelid twitching stopped immediately! Unbelievable!!! Who would have thought this to be from jaw stress. Your a lifesaver!!

  68. Kate says:

    What a strange solution, my eyelid had been twitching for three days non-stop, it was getting to be quite annoying. Thanks for the help!

  69. matt says:

    My upper left eye lid has been twitching ive tried massageing it and it worka for a few minutes then starts up again

  70. Jason Z. says:

    Thank you for this post ! I am glad to see I’m not alone ! Mine has been lasting over a year now and is moving into my cheek some times and into my neck at others. when i’m not speaking and can relax my jaw, it seems to help, but when I speak or lick my lips, it will trigger it. It seems very temperamental at times. stress or no stress. golf or no golf. i went and got tested and nothing struck the Dr out of ordinary. using the :inside of the cheek method didn’t reveal any Zingers, although on the OUTSIDE of my cheek i seem to have tons ! Is this getting the same muscle ? I am finding some more sensitive zinger on the back of my jaw, near my ears.. ..I am also hearing some high pitched crunching at times when speaking. I do grind at night and wear a mouthguard, but I don’t have any neck or shoulder tension. I’m a hot mess up in here and about ready to slice my eyelid off. sometimes the spasms are obnoxious and rapid.. Ugggggg… .

    why is this muscle playing such an important role though? The Dr described it as Nuerotransmitters being commanded by the brain and that Botox was the only solution. He said that there’s no stress related twitching and that “we can’t make it go away”.. . seems like some are proving him wrong here and I’m looking to do the same. I ain’t injecting botox every 3 months. f-that. I wonder why the Magnesium works so well too…. . .

    - Twitchy in Phoenix

    • Emma says:

      Hello Phoenix!

      We feel the same actually. I have mine too. When I speak words with letter P or B, lick my lips, frown, or even smile– it triggers the spasm. Sometimes, it’s too embarrasing when im at work. ;/

      I tried this one actually, zingies!
      It helps a lot, the twitches are little bit calmer. Thanks to Sarah.

      Try to massage your jaws a couple of minutes a day.

      I hope you’ll be better.

  71. Mark says:

    Ok I tried this after 10 days of eye twitching. It worked immediately. Cool ! Thanks so much.

  72. Lubna says:

    I tried this after three weeks of the lower eye lid twitching continuously. It worked straight away. I was so amazed. Thankyou.

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  75. Muriel says:

    Thank you SO much. Immediate relief, and a truly smart explanation.

  76. moosuet says:

    hey, i couldnt find the zing point……anybody could help? the twitch driving me crazy, i have never experienced this before.

  77. moosuet says:

    i think mine is getting worse…please help…

  78. Janak says:

    Hi Sarah,

    With this twitching has reduced, do you have similar suggestions for dry eyes?

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  80. Phoenix says:

    Yay! It worked like a charm! ….Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!! ……

  81. shiba says:

    when it twitches lower in africa its a sign of bad luck. The upper twitch is a sign of good luck

  82. Emma says:

    Wow, that was amazing!
    Thanks Sarah! ^^
    I just did it today and the twiches gets calmer. I guess im just gonna do it for a few days more to say good bye to twitches!

  83. Hanif says:

    Please get an EYE TEST.
    I had eye twitching for over a year and tried everything without joy.
    Then I was due for an eye test (I wore glasses for reading only). During the eye test I did not mention the eye twitch as I thought it did not have a connection to sight. However, the optician said that I needed one set of glasses for reading and another for watching TV and sports (or one set of varifocal glasses). In other words my long and close site had deteriorated.
    As soon as I got the new glasses and started wearing them for watching tv and sport, the twitching stopped.
    So my advice is to get an eye test in the first instance.

  84. Wrenne says:

    Please delete jean guy’s comments. They make my eyes twitch.

  85. Wendy says:

    Oh my goodness. THANK YOU! My lower eyelid has been twitching every minute of my days for 3 months now! I have researched this like crazy but didn’t come across your site until today. I just did this and I had instant relief in the twitch!!! I kid you not, the first time my eye has stopped. I’m afraid it will come back because it’s become such a part of me over the months, ha! But I will continue to do this 3 times a day for 4 days. I do have TMJ on that same side of my jaw as the eye that twitches, but never heard of a connection before today. Thank you, so very much!

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  87. Tabitha says:

    I have tried this technique for the past several minutes on myself and it didnt do anything. I am in tears and really frustrated. My lower left eyelid has been twitching for nearly 3 weeks. It’s constant and never lets up for a moment. Am I doing the technique wrong? Does it take a long time to see results sometimes? Seems everyone here has had instant relief and since I dont I’m worried something is seriously wrong with me. I’m a young healthy woman this shouldn’t be happening to me. Please help me!!

    • Tabitha says:

      I spoke too soon. After another couple minutes it stopped!! I can’t believe I have been suffering needlessly for so long and nobody I asked could help. Thank you!!!! Omg first time in weeks it hasn’t been constantly going nuts.

  88. Alex says:

    Three weeks ago I had a really bad cold, and everytime I blew my nose my upper left lid eye would twitch. Eventually the cold went away, but the twitching on my eye lid continued.
    It was getting to the point where I thought it was going to continue for the rest of my days. But sure enough…I came across this article….and presto! It’s gone.
    It’s amazing how stress and tension can play a role with different parts of our body…especially in the jaw, ears, nose and throat area.

    Why isn’t this common knowlege?

  89. Jay says:

    Writer of this article is my absolute SAVIOUR. I’ve had twitching problems for on and off 10 years (sometimes due to stress, sometimes allergies but mostly because of a nasty teeth grinding habit!) Usually the twitches only last a few seconds and then disappear, but today the right eye has been twitching non-stop. I was just about to burst into tears and leave my job for the day (hard to do my work when it looks like the whole world is shaking!) when I found this. When I felt my cheek I found a slight knot there and I thought…hmm… this article might be onto something. I pushed the knot in (it was kind of squishy and hollow feeling) and in an INSTANT the twitching stopped! I’m floored by that. THANK. YOU. A MILLION TIMES. NO. Seriously. Thank you. This is genuinely life changing.

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  91. Dee says:

    This technique is heaven-sent. I have experienced eye lid twitch for a year and a half and no fix. I went to my primary care, my dentist and was planning to see the neurologist. This technique quickly fixed after one day…THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Julie says:

      Dee: glad to hear that this technique fixed your problem.

      I’m suffering with eye lid twitch for over a year, I read the instruction however am stuck at step 4: Move your finger to the top of the muscle, next to the upper gums and press firmly. Can you tell me where to press? the gum or the cheek using pointer fingers and thumb?

      please help and thank you!

  92. Kate says:

    Have had a twitchy eye for the last 10 days and it has been driving me insane. I get enough sleep, don’t feel particularly stressed but I do grind my teeth a bit at night. Although its not totally gone after I have tried this method, the twitches do not seem to be so intense and are not as frequent. Hoping this will cure it over the next couple of days.

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  95. levi says:

    I called total BS, I grind my teeth have for my whole life, never had a twitch last more than a few seconds. I have been stressed to the max and my left eye twitch has been driving me mad. I stuck ma fingers in my mouth and found a couple ‘zingers’ (it hurt but felt like I was stretching any other muscle when I applied pressure) and I will be a s o b but serious as a heart attack my eye literally feels healed. And I just called bs on my wife saying massage healed anything yesterday. Learn something new every day.

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