How a Positive Attitude Affects Your Looks

This guest post is by Cindi Lewis of Glossy.

Appearance is important in society. Having a positive outlook creates a more attractive appearance. There are different aspects about inner beauty that make it affect a person’s outer beauty. Also, being a beautiful person on the inside is important because it makes good things happen in the world.

Inner beauty reflects outwardly

Inner beauty is reflected through a person’s appearance. A beautiful personality—one that is vibrant, lively, optimistic, and caring—creates a gorgeous person on the outside. For instance, a confident person stands up tall, smiles and laughs, looks other people in the eye, and carries an aura of self-worth. Inner beauty affects how beautiful a person can really be.

A positive attitude illuminates beauty

A smile and a positive attitude instantly brighten a person’s eyes and flush their cheeks. The person suddenly looks much more attractive. An optimistic person always looks the most beautiful.

Obtaining natural optimism

A truthfully positive attitude is most rejuvenating for a person’s appearance. It is possible for anyone and everyone to be positive. A positive attitude asks people to “speak” to themselves with optimistic words. This can be done when they become aware of their thought process and use affirmations in their thoughts most of the time. Once a person speaks positively to themselves, they can speak positively to others, and the positive attitude will shine forth, revealing a truly beautiful person!

Aging is beautiful

Age can bring out a positive person’s beauty. By maintaining a positive attitude throughout life, a person will be beautiful forever, for it will be reflected in their smile and eyes. Some individuals grow more beautiful as they get older, because they become more carefree from having more faith, compassion, and optimism. In fact, age often shows wisdom, and wisdom is an attractive trait.

Proper self-care creates better health

Good skincare and hygiene is important, because the person is caring for their health and well being. There are some natural skincare products that can be used for people who want a fresh and healthy look. Face washing in the morning and night, combing or brushing hair every day, brushing and flossing teeth twice a day, and using quality body cleansers, are great ways to maintain good hygiene and health. Facial masks, exfoliating cloths, and astringent and toners are also beneficial.

When a person practices proper self-care, and has a positive attitude, they show their most beautiful self and put their best features—inner and outer—forward. Being a beautiful person on the inside helps create a positive world.

Cindi Lewis writes for Glossy a skin care products and beauty products online retailer.

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  2. jack foley says:

    totally agree. A positive person with fair looks can be irresistibly attractive..

    If you smile , they will smile back..

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  3. Candace Dye says:

    What a wonderful article – I feel more positive and uplifted! I love to smile all the time, too. Even when I’m talking on the telephone, it comes through. A smile lets people know you are friendly and approachable, which opens doors for conversation. A kind word or honest compliment go a long way, as well. You never know what your words of encouragement, however brief, may mean to someone who’s having a difficult day. Thanks for this post!

  4. Wonderful post.
    I also think attitude affects your looks, as everything in your life.

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  7. Maria Wendt says:

    Thank you so much, Cindi, for this article. You are right; “A truthfully positive attitude is most rejuvenating for a person’s appearance.”. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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  9. Astarelly says:

    I just started my own blog, and although it’s only a beginning, before setting up I devoured Problogger and all related posts!

    My blog is about being inspired and happier, and in my travels I find this, and it blows my mind! You are so inspiring – thanks for all the posts, and also to the guest posters :)

  10. beal saint says:

    I am liking this……………. wow.

  11. lee says:

    Wow this is really true. A positive attitude attracts people all around, And it can be learned but takes lots of practice! I have been reframing everything for about 2 months now and it’s amazing the results.

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    Great article. I have severe acne problem. I feel frustrated and embarrassed most of the time. Your article has inspired and motivated me. Thanks.

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