Welcome to FeelGooder

Welcome to FeelGooder—a blog that has lived in my mind for years now, but which today becomes a reality.

I’ve been blogging for a number of years, and have always had as my number one goal to build sites that empower and equip people to improve in some area of their life. To this point, these blogs have had fairly narrow focuses—they’ve been about Photography, Twitter, and Blogging.

I’ve enjoyed these sites immensely but have always wanted to build a site with a broader focus that touched on other important “life topics”:

  • As a Dad with a young family,  I’d love to talk about and learn from others on topics like raising kids and being a good husband.
  • As a person with a growing home business, I’d love to connect with others who are on a similar path.
  • As a guy with a tummy a little too big for the rest of my body, I’d like to create a space where we can talk about issues of living more healthily.
  • As someone with a passion for making the world a better place, I’d love to be involved in a community that wasn’t just interested in self improvement, but in world improvement.

You get the picture. I want to be involved in a site that’s all about helping those who read (and write) it to lead lives that are everything that they can be.

This is not a site for me to tell you how to live—you wouldn’t want that! Rather, I hope it can be a place where we inform and inspire one another to not only Feel Good(er) but to Be Good(er).

In doing so I’m envisaging we’ll be touching on a lot of topics. Over the months and years ahead I suspect we’ll talk about everything from fitness and healthy living, to relationships, to emotional well being, to finance, to living generously, to parenting, to food, to productivity tips, and much, much more. But to start with we’ll focus upon five main categories:

  1. Health: fitness, diet, and emotional well being and more
  2. Relationships: family, friendship, romance, etc.
  3. Work: careers, entrepreneurship and developing skills for the workplace
  4. Finance: tips and stories to help look after the hip pocket
  5. Social Good: sustainable living, generosity, and making the world in a better place

To start with the site will run simply as a blog (with a mix of the above topics) but as we see what people write about and what ideas are resonating with those who read it, we hope to evolve the site and develop some regular columns and features.

Consider what we’re doing today a ‘soft launch’—something of a test to see what does and doesn’t work. I’m aiming for a fuller launch in January 2011.

Join the journey

If you’d like to journey with FeelGooder, there are a couple of ways you can do it.

1. Subscribe, follow, connect

For starters I’d love you to connect with FeelGooder by subscribing or following us in a way that suits your natural online rhythms. We have an email newsletter, an RSS feed, a Twitter account, and a Facebook page so far. Connect with the ones that fit with the way that you use the web.

2. Contribute

If you’d like to do more than follow what FeelGooder does—if you’d like to be a part of creating it—I’d love to hear from you. I’ve already lined up numerous contributors but I’m open to developing a team of people who are committed to the same sort of vision, and are interested in seeing where it might lead us.

Initially contributions will be accepted through voluntary guest posts, but as the site grows I’ll be looking to see how we can benefit those who contribute more than simply linking to their blogs and sites. If you’d like to contribute around some of the topics mentioned above, please make contact with any ideas you have for articles via our contact form.

Lastly – a big thanks to a few people including Lachlan Donald (server guru), Brian Gardner (who designed our theme based upon his Genesis framework) and Georgina Laidlaw (who will be editing FeelGooder) – as well as all the contributors who have already submitted posts and who are working on them.

I’m excited by the birth of FeelGooder today and hope that you’ll journey with us as we explore the possibilities of the site together. Stay tuned for our first post in the next hour or so!

About Darren Rowse

Darren is the founder of FeelGooder and various other blogs including ProBlogger Blog Tips, Digital Photography School. Check out his popular posts How to Start a Blog and How to Make Money Blogging.


  1. Darren – congratulations on the new blog! I’m really excited to see where this takes you, because I can tell it’s been something that has been on your mind for a long time. I just finished an intense training program and am all about my health and living a happy and healthy lifestyle, so you can be sure I’ll be reading closely. Thanks for all that you do. Cheers!

    • thanks Pat and congrats on being the first commenter!

      Your program sounds fascinating – you should write us a post about what you learned! 🙂

      • I would love to! There are a lot of parallels between working out and succeeding in life and in business that I’m sure would be quite interesting to write about. I’ll definitely send you a draft sometime soon. If there’s anything I can do for you or your blog(s), please let me know. Always happy to help. Cheers!

  2. The site looks great, Darren and I’m excited to see the sort of content you start to publish. Good luck!

  3. Best of luck with the new site, Darren. Knowing you, this is going to be another huge success.

    I’ll be watching closely 🙂

    – Glen

  4. Looking forward VERY much to this.

    A proud subscriber.

  5. Loving the color scheme and the whole idea for the site. I know it will be a HUGE success! Will add to my feedly for some great reading to come. Good job.

  6. Congratulations Darren! Looking forward to great content!

  7. Congrats on the new blog, Darren (and the rest of the FeelGooder team). Feeling good(er) is something that I’ve struggled with since I was a teenager, so I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say here!

    • thanks Alli – means a lot to have you as a reader – hope it’s helpful and I look forward to what you have to say on the topics – as someone who has also struggled in some of this I know its often those who’ve struggled with it that are the most powerful at helping others.

  8. Darren,

    Good on ya! Can’t wait to see what develops!

    Love the site concept. Passion about life is what it is all about!

    – Craig

    • Thanks Craig – hope you’ll consider sharing some wisdom down the track on time management – I suspect having started another project I’ll need some advice myself 🙂

  9. Congrats on the launch Darren. The site looks great and cant wait to see some posts on the content you mentioned (although I’ll find it hard to connect with the parenting posts).

  10. So another blog kicks off from a ProBlogger. All the best. Your popularity is evident from the twitter followers in a day 🙂

  11. Congratulations to launching this new blog, Darren! I love both the idea and the design. Looking forward to participating 🙂

  12. Good luck! And I look forward to seeing FeelGooder develop.

  13. Great idea for a blog Darren,
    I love being active and pride myself on being healthy, but I’m not passionate about it (I mean, I have a life). It seems that this blog is just what I’m looking for.
    There’s been some great stuff happening in this space recently. I’m currently involved in a CSIRO trial incorporating social media with their Total Wellbeing Diet, I’ve already lost 10 kg. As well as some other stuff I’ve found on the web and in Melbourne.
    Happy to share and be involved.

  14. Looks great. Fabulous concept. I’m all for being positive and optimistic. I’m sure you have some psychs on board but yell out if you want input from another 🙂
    wishing you every success with this project

    • as you see the site evolve if you feel you’ve got something to add please do let me know – we’ll definitely be looking to include more voices and opinions!

  15. Hey Darren, the new blog sounds fantastic. Inspiring, too – i find myself smack in the middle of your broader topics, especially as I find my outlook and priorities changing a little after the birth of our first son. I’m really excited to see where it goes, and will be following closely!

  16. Congrats on the launch, Darren! Really excited to see you going in this direction – I’ve always enjoyed the posts on ProBlogger which have touched on the “life” side of things.

    I’ve been hanging out in the personal development / self-improvement end of the blogosphere for a couple of years now, and am very much looking forward to hearing some new voices in this space with you and, I’m sure, an awesome team of FeelGooder guest posters. 🙂

  17. Congratulations on the new blog! What a brilliant idea.

    Count me in as a regular visitor and if you’ll have me I’d love to contribute about making the world an environmentally a better place.

    • Margi – that’s a topic we’d love some posts on early on. If you have ideas do let us know via the ‘write for feelgooder’ page in the navigation area.

  18. What a great idea for a blog, Darren. I’m particularly interested in the parenting and home business angles (though my tummy could use some self-control too). I’ll look forward to seeing what you post here and will try to come up with some contents ideas.

  19. Thank you for all that you do and congrads on your new venture. I am sure it will be successful and bring you much joy!

  20. Hi there I heard about this through Matt Kimberley, whose blog I love. I write about happiness in London including love, life, food and wine so keen to read what you come up with. Interested in your take on parenting and families and on living a healthy life – I’ve gained 5 pounds since I’ve started – oops.

    Sasha @ The Happiness Project London

  21. Darren,
    Best to you on this new site!

    I love the focus you will have here, and am sure that the community that builds around this place will become one which sees “feel good” living becoming an even greater part of their being.

    Rock on!!

  22. Hi Darren,

    Congrats on The launch. I’m really looking forward to the content, the categories should link nicely.


  23. Congratulations on the birth of FeelGooder! The site is beautiful and I’m sure the content will inspire many. Much success!!

  24. All the best of luck on your new site Darren. I look forward to seeing it grow into the quality of sites as like your other ones.

    On another note, I was in Melbourne last week. What a gorgeous place compared to Sydney. It was my 3rd trip – and I keep liking it more and more. Might need to make the move down south!

  25. I Love this blog concept! As a dad, husband, daytime cube dweller, night time budding online entreprenuer (hopefully), a sometimes (often?) hypocritical sustainability / health nut, my biggest challenge is balance. How to keep all the passions of my life alive, while still getting sleep, staying healthy, and maintining relationships.

    Good on ya to take on such broad topics! I’ll be tuning in with interest.

  26. Antony Kwok says:

    Darren, congratulations on your new blog !
    The subject is wide and great. I’m sure you will help a lot of people with this blog.

  27. Will be interesting to follow this blog from the start and see where it goes.
    Life seems to change every 7 years!
    Great framework and theme by Genesis as well.

  28. Great idea. A different one too, given the gazillions of blogs out there about the same things.

    I feel better already 🙂

  29. Congratulations on the launch. I’ve been subscribed to ProBlogger for a while now, and following your Twitter feed. I’ll be interested to see where this goes! Many happy returns!

  30. This is a wonderful idea Darren so best wishes to you and to FeelGooder! I’ve been following your Twitter feed (@problogger) for a while now and would love to see how this one’s going to turn out.

  31. This is a much broader topic than what your blogs are normally about. I am confident that it will be a great blog as I have always found your blogs to be very interesting and professional.

  32. Congrats Darren. It’s an awesome idea and the philosophy of the site is something after my own heart. I look forward to reading it and hopefully contributing to it as well:)

  33. Hi Darren,

    Congratulations on your site. I’ve been an avid DPS and Problogger fan for several months now. I also cried while listening to your moving anecdote about your son for that Blog World presentation ( had to run to get the tissues lol).

    I’m encouraged to see that the ‘rock stars’ of the blogging/social/new media world are interested in promoting something altruistic and positive.

    I know that we’ll all ‘feel gooder’ because of this…

  34. Hey Darren, congrats on the launch of the blog!

    I feel very honored to be a part of this with the development of the site – I’m very happy with the way things turned out, and hopefully you are too.

    I look forward to subscribing to the blog, and to read about real people doing feel-good things!

  35. i have been waiting for FeelGooder to come out! thanks for making it live now, Darren. Looking forward to the posts here.

  36. Good luck with the new site, Darren!

  37. Congratulations Darren! This is a fantastic topic, and as someone who blogs in both the relationship and fitness niches, I can tell you that there’s a real need for more helpful content in these areas without the slime.

    I know you’ll deliver in a big way and look forward to hanging out as part of the community here!


  38. Congratulations on the start of “FeelGooder” project, Darren!
    I’ll follow the articles.

  39. Darren,
    This idea of your new blog is soooooo refreshing. And coming from a Dad’s perspective, even better. We need to hear from more Fathers/Husbands. And you have through the years demonstrated a good heart from honest motives and good intentions.
    I look forward to following your blog and will share this one with my own hubby/Dad to a 5yr. old girl.
    Allison Reece
    North Carolina

  40. Darren

    Love the new blog, especially the Renaissance Man post. So nice to hear about others that have multiple passions and interests. I will definitely keep an eye on this site. If I can make one suggestion, I was initially confused. I thought the sub-headlines were titles for new posts. So I started reading in the middle of a post.

    Good luck and keep up the great work!

  41. You’ve been an inspiration and a mentor to me albeit without knowing it. I’m so looking forward to joining your journey.

  42. Congratulations! I have enjoyed your other sites and I am looking forward to your new blog.

  43. Darren, I think this is going to be a great blog, and I’m definitely looking forward to following along! Maybe I’ll even be able to get a guest post or two published here, since this is pretty close to my area of expertise.

  44. Hey Darren,

    awesome new project – I luv that you spread the positivity around here – that’s so cool. I recently changed my blog branding to make it more inspirational and world-impacting.
    Luv the clean logo and good vibes I can feel here.
    Can’t wait to see what you have to offer !

  45. Congratulations! I’ve been following along on Twitter since you announced this and I’m very excited not only for you but for me as well. We all need daily motivation as well as a helpful community of like-minded people. I also follow on FB (I use my real name) and if things are going to be as interesting as the query on Touch, this will be fantastic!


  46. Darren, nice new blog! There can never be too much of this kind of positive interaction and conversation out there!

  47. Congratulations on your foray into personal development, Darren! I will be blogging about this new site at feelgooder.org.

  48. This looks like an exciting project with tons of potential. Congratulations on this new blog. I’ll certainly be watching, curious to see what direction this site goes and what kind of content it produces!

  49. Hey Darren, I’ve been looking forward to this site since you mentioned it was in the works. One, because I know it’ll be successful and done right with you behind it, and two, because it’s a topic I’m interested and involved in. My own blog runs on a similar tangent, but with a different attitude. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get off my lazy butt now and try for some guest blogging.

    Good luck, and I hope you enjoy it even more than you’re anticipating.

  50. Oh wow I love this blog!! I can totally relate to it because my blog is somewhat similar to it. KMP blog (Keep Me Posted) is about sharing information and keeping people posted. I cover lifestyle, money Mondays, tips tuesdays, fit Fridays or fun Fridays etc…
    I would love to contribute to your blog.

    Please KMP.



  51. Wow I have to say that I’m quite excited about this new site of yours Darren. I also run a fitness site that aims to help the working man/woman improve their health. I’ll be sure to make contributions soon!

  52. Darren,

    Congrats on the new blog and community! From one of your latest tweets I see it’s growing great or shall I say gooder!

    I’ll have to write here in the future and talk to my family about how FeelGooder may be a resource for them.

    Wish you and everyone else the best!

    Best, Derek

  53. Hi Darren
    Congrats on the new site. It’s looking great and I love the topic – similar to what I hope to address on my own site. I like the idea of your aim not only to ‘Feel Gooder’ but ‘Be Gooder’ as well. Individual change is great but sometimes we forget about how we can enact broader social change.
    Look forward to reading more.
    All the best

  54. Hi Darren,

    Congratulations! Like many others before me have said, the site looks great. I’ve connected to FeelGooder through my Blogger account, so I’ll see your updates there. Looking forward to reading more!

  55. I’ve enjoyed ProBlogger so much…and am thrilled with FeelGooder! It’s amazing how much you can help other people without actually meeting them. Technology is a great thing, but what lies in a person’s heart is oh-so beautiful.

    Thanks, Darren. You are amazing and I dig your vision!

  56. David Robert Hogg says:

    I wish you luck in making the world a better place. No small task, mind you.

  57. Hi Darren,
    I follow all your other blogs and have added this one to my RSS feed reader also.

    Looking forward to your thought provoking posts here.


  58. Love DPS – I’m sure I will love this site as well! Thanks for reaching out to us and I look forward to reading this daily! 🙂

  59. an marie vloet says:

    I wish you luck in making the world a better place, congrats

  60. Great idea. I look forward to adding my thoughts. I like to talk about what helps people to relax. That indeed is my greatest strength….being able to hang up the job on the bush as I enter my home. And then knowing how to relax without sitting in front of the TV with 2 Martini’s.

    Now if I could just give up the cookies and ice cream…. 8^)
    Best regards,

  61. Does EVERYTHING you do have to come with a ‘click through’???
    Just lost me here, as well as on DPS

  62. John R.Sauers says:

    I am here to serve others.I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness concerning using my skills to make life for others a better and more fruitful place.

    I really like your Idea.

    • I second that John. Let’s add to the number of like minded people to help make this an even better world to live in. It is not what we pick up along the way but what we leave behind for others.


  63. Darren, congratulations.
    I’m sure this is going to be a huge success just as your other projects.
    Thanks for all your great ideas

  64. Darren: Thanks for being sharing yourblog and in helping to make the world a better , kinder place. I try every day to inspire myself and others to do something that keeps everyone smiling and to overcome the everyday burdens that weigh us down. This year I am wearing happy socks ever day, because how can you not smile when your feet are happy … and it’s contagious. It may only be a silly, little thing but it’s a start.
    I love your blog.

  65. Chris Matthews says:

    Hey, well done and I admire your energy for reaching out to others 🙂 it’s all about Karma….. Looking forward to the following months

  66. I have experienced the highs and lows of great health and fitness and also poor health/obesity so i am looking forward to following this Blog and hopefully being given the opportunity to contribute my own personal experience for the benefit of all.
    From 73kg to 107kg and back again.

  67. Banjara, Raj Kumar (Npal) says:

    Hi Darren & Team, Greetings from Nepal!
    I am happy that I found a platform which I was looking for times. We do some ‘little things’…. we do some little magazine…all not for profit….we little people while hanging around the coffee corner (sometimes bar corner too!), create a little thought and make it happen, time goes on and then we feel the changes, sure, that is positive change! this is the way we (a)live. This is my first post to this site and on this day I would like to recall what Martha told us and which still sounds ‘simply great’, “I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.”

    Martha Washington, 1732-1802, First American First Lady

  68. Darren,

    I’ve always enjoyed your blogging, and now you’re bringing us another new one. That’s awesome. I like the looks of the topics. If you ever want anything on health (fitness) let me know. I’ve been in that industry for 25 years.


  69. Congratulation Darren. I am looking forward as a follower to be a good (er)…

  70. Good to see this new blog, Darren. All of your work is top-notch and these are great topics for a well-rounded lifestyle! I’m excited to see where this blog goes…

  71. Hi Darren,
    Abraham Lincoln said: “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.” So I suppose that “Honest Abe” was a feelgooder.
    He also said: “I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”

  72. Super idea Darren to start this new blog.

    I am looking forward to read your future posts.


  73. Let’s get ready for an awesome adventure 🙂 This is going to be so exciting !!!

  74. Congratulations. I am sure it will be another success story. A welcome post and already over 90 comments. You definitely know how to pull this of. Good Luck!

  75. Darren: congratulations on the new site launch! I have to say that I’m definitely interested in some of the topics that you’re going to be covering (especially as related to health and work).

  76. Congratulations and Good Luck from India

  77. Congratulations on the new project! I’ve been following you on ProBlogger, although I rarely comment. I’m super interested in this new blog; I’m a mom, a school psychologist, a health enthusiast, and a big proponent of living a balanced life. Note to self: get my workaholic husband to check it out . . .

  78. Darren, I’m excited to see where this new project goes! What a great idea. I think it will evolve into a very interesting and dynamic community. I look forward to enjoying the journey.

    Also thanks so much for problogger, I’ve learned so much!

  79. Hi Darren,
    I was delighted to see your ideas for this new venture. I’m not sure where I would fit in. I am about to retire and also about to be a grandmother for the first time. I feel as if my life will begin again and I want to be sure to fill it with a sense of purpose. I have a feeling that I might get some gems from this venture of yours. If I can contribute anything of worth I will. I’ve been enjoying your photography site for a while now, and am really, really looking forward to having more time (retiring next July!) to practice some of the lessons on it.
    I shall be an avid reader. Thank you for doing this!

  80. Hi Darren

    Congratulation to your new blog launching! Expecting more about you’ve mention “life topics”. I have have building a young family too. Would like to learn some parenting topics when you get it start.

    Will wait more ideas on the five main categories you have mentioned earlier.

    Long Live FeelGooder!

  81. KENNETH PEEL says:

    Morning ! At last a site for good ideas instead of all the other sites on the net ! well done,this is a site i WILL read ,and lets see some pics ! as photography is one of my main hobbies,kenny peel,Doncaster ,England

  82. Darren – congrats on the new site – always a joy to put a long held idea into action! We all know it will be great and the topics are concerns for us all. On a similar road here on my end too. We’ll have to connect at some point on that!

  83. Darren –

    I’ve been following your progress since you first started on ProBlogger.

    Great to see you venture into an area like this. You write well and many of your current posts inpsire people and bring them hope – so this move does fit well.

    I love to educate people and am passionate about it. My main focus is environmental medicine. Toxicity in newborn babies exceeds 200 chemicals in cord blood at birth – that is insane – we need to reduce it.

    There is great news and that is we can reduce it. I am researching ways to do it. I’d love to share my expertise on environmental medicine and empower people to change their lives. This focus is especially important for pregnant women as the changes they make create changes for generations. Seriously.

    In health,
    Dr Ben

  84. Wonderful blog. Keep up the good work

  85. Now I can relate more to the real Pro-blogger!

  86. Another Legendary move and contribution, congrats on this new one!
    Feeling good already knowing that I can be a part of this from the scratch since i wasn’t around when your previous projects started 🙂

  87. I love the concept of this blog. I work in a field that makes it clear to me on a daily basis just how disconnected people feel from others. The internet is a big factor in this problem as it’s easy to close the laptop and walk away. People become more of a screen name without a human being attached.
    This blog is one of those that reaches out as human beings; one person to another and makes the internet a less impersonal place to be.
    This could prove to be your highest traffic blog of all.

  88. I love the subject matter in your blog Darren. I am always looking for insprational blogs like this. I have found myself pretty much my whole life trying to contrubute in some way to others. When I served during the Vietnam War I looked for something even then that could be constructive so I volunteered and served as a Search and Rescue Crewman in the Navy. I believe that there is a need for a blog like this. I look forward to following Feelgooders.

    Please let me know how I can post my picture for future comments

  89. Darren,
    Congratulations on your work and inspiration. I started a blog recently on how to build websites and am inspired to take it to the next level following your problogger ebook. As a designer, I realize that I must give lots of free tips in order to succeed. I am right behind you bro

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